I am interested in philosophical, biological, and anthropological aspects of life that is yet defined and contradictory. In my work, a series of artificial life forms such as autonomous kinetic objects and robotic creatures are created to have birth, life, and death in varying environments. My creatures are composed of inorganic(inanimate) components. They have own characteristics and behaviors originated from the twisted and redefined biological/zoological concepts in my vision of life.

I look the cities as a modern 'primordial soup' that contains basic substances for the formation of life on my creature’s domain. The mass produced products, everyday objects, and wastes are mixed and formed into my work with other key matters including social progress and technological developments. I investigate how these artificial life forms take the cities as their habitats, utilize urban facilities and systems for their purposes, build interspecific relationships with other beings, and develop survival strategies to live in the man-made surroundings.

My creatures are evolving into various directions under the influence of different urban areas and communities. I trace each creature’s unique histories of emergence, adaptation, and evolution while I observe how people and societies react to these aliens and strangers.


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