Beppu Tane Project

Beppu Tane Project came alive through the collaborative effort of Ye-Eun Whang and Wonbin Yang. Beppu Tane Project - as translation of the concept of ‘seed’ - is intended to allow citizen interaction and collective energy to unlock the hidden potential of Beppu city. Beppu Tane Project is a social movement through which the people of Beppu can project and realize their dreams for the city. Ideas from the community can be activated through the project at many different scales and allow citizens to take ownership, act collectively and create a network of community initiatives.

mAAN*Y Singapore 2010 competition<- Winner of the 2010, Let’s Not Talk About Architecture competition

GFRY Studio 09/10Re: <- Beppu Tane Project in GFRY Studio

STUDIO CHRONOTOPE<- Click to visit project advisor Thomas Kong's website

Seed pockets act as tokens of goodwill that will grow into a larger community network and showing how small ideas can become meaningful over time when acting collectively.

Beppu Tane Project presenting at Re: Symposium, platform01, Beppu, Japan, 2010

Beppu Tane Project presenting at Re: Art Symposium, Asahi Art Square, Tokyo, Japan, 2010

Wonbin Yang and Ye Eun Whang present Beppu Tane Project at the mAAN*Y Singapore 2010 Conference.